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#1 2019-08-19 11:53:22

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Looking for Dating Swedish men

Looking for Dating Swedish men.
I already had the experience of Dating on domestic Dating sites, disappointed in them.

But 2 months ago I decided zaregatsya on the Swedish Dating site just for the company of a girlfriend. Was amazed. For these 2 months of any insult, any obscene offer, all very polite. If you refuse to get acquainted, then you do not get dirty in return.
I got acquainted with very smart men with whom it is possible to discuss practically everything: from classics to information technologies.
There was , however, one from Sweden, but three days except "hi how are you" so give birth to anything and could not)))
A week ago I registered on the second site. The same - some polite men.
So what's the catch? Everyone says men are the same everywhere, isn't it? What say you?


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