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Life at night in Newcastle

Life at night in Newcastle.

The biggest concentration of clubs is concentrated in the Bigg Market area, where thousands of teenagers and young people flock on weekends. Most of the places here are bars, although there are numerous Indian and Italian restaurants that tend to fill up quickly at night. The best night club in the area is considered Blu Bam Bu: he received the gold award of the program Best Bar None, which aims to reduce crimes committed under the influence of alcohol. There are also excellent and well-known centers for night life in Newcastle — Collingwood Street and Neville Street. Not so long ago in the Central area of the city appeared The Gate — a complex that consists of bars, as well as prestigious clubs, and excellent restaurants and 12 cinemas. In General, decided that I would fly away this summer and spend the whole month. That's just buy Cheap flights from London to Newcastle. Will you be there this summer?


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